Workplace Stress Investigations

Parkside Medical specializes in two types of investigations.  The purposes and processes of each type of investigation will be briefly explained.

Clinical Psychological Investigations

Clinical psychological investigations involve assessing a client usually at our offices in Ashmore (but other arrangements can be made) using a combination of interviewing and quantitative self-report questionnaires to determine:

  1. Whether the client has a clinical psychological/psychiatric condition based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V).
  2. The causes of the clinical psychological/psychiatric condition if the client has a DSM-V diagnosis. In particular, the role of work in contributing to the client’s condition is assessed.
  3. The present biopsychosocial functioning of the client and to what degree the client’s clinical psychological condition affects in particular, the client’s employment and income earning capacity.
  4. What treatment may be required, and the associated frequency/duration/cost of treatment.

Typically, a client will be assessed over a period of three hours to answer these four questions.  If the role of work in a person’s condition needs to be determined then it is also desirable to get a signed statement from the client about what they perceive to be the main precipitating factors in their alleged psychological condition (see Workplace Investigations).  At the conclusion of the clinical psychological investigation, a report will be written summarising the assessment and answering the four main questions described above.

Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations involve the psychologist visiting the worksite to take signed documents or statements from employers/employees involved in alleged internal disputes, conflict, bullying, harassment and general breakdowns in communication between staff members.  The purpose of these statements is:

  1. To determine the alleged precipitating factors or events in the dispute, conflict, bullying or harassment or breakdown of communication.
  2. To determine the evidence for each precipitating factor.
  3. To make some conclusions about the validity of the alleged precipitating factors.

At the conclusion of the statement taking process a report will be prepared summarising the alleged precipitating factors, the evidence for these factors and conclusions with specific practical recommendations to resolve the conflict.  If the person making the allegations is on sick leave, recommendations will be made with the objective of returning the employee to work as soon as possible and to reduce the associated costs to the employer.


The clinical psychological investigations are charged at a flat rate of $990 (incl. GST) for the entire assessment of the client including interview time, administration of self-report questionnaires, scoring of self-report questionnaires, and final report.

The cost of workplace investigations is determined by the number of statements that need to taken in the workplace.  A flat rate of $162.00 per hour (excl. GST) is charged.  Typically, collecting a typed statement from a witness will take 1 to 1.5 hours.  An estimate of costs can therefore be calculated on the number of witnesses that need to be interviewed.  In addition, allow as a minimum the collection of four to six statements (including the person making the allegations) in a workplace investigation.  The report is charged at the same rate of $162.00 per hour (excl. GST) and typically allow three hours for a report.  Based on these estimates a typical workplace investigation will cost between $1000 to $1500.  If it appears that the workplace investigation could significantly exceed these estimates, the client will be immediately informed of this possibility.


Parkside Medical’s principal psychologist, Clinton Laurence has been involved in over 400 clinical psychological investigations and workplace investigations.  In addition to this experience, as a registered psychologist trained and specialising in clinical psychology, Clinton has assessed and diagnosed numerous clients as part of a clinical psychological investigation.  He has appeared in court providing evidence based on his reports and is experienced with this process.

Further Information

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