Sport Psychology & Performance Enhancement

Sport Psychology & Performance Enhancement

What is it?
Sport Psychology and Performance Enhancement focuses on some aspect of your sport or part of your life where you believe you are not performing to an optimal level. Typically, this includes all sporting endeavours and situations in career or work where stress is detrimentally affecting your performance. You will probably have tried a number of different strategies yourself but haven’t fulfilled your own expectations and reached the level to which you have aspired. Something seems to go wrong, and you are confronted with barriers that stop you achieving your best. Performance Enhancement increases your awareness of your own self-defeating patterns and provides multiple strategies for breaking these repetitive patterns of behaving to enhance performance in whatever area of your sport or your life that you choose.

Unlike clinical psychology, Sport Psychology and Performance Enhancement focuses on enhancing your strengths and removing the barriers that typically stop us from utilising these strengths. We use techniques from sport psychology and positive psychology to enhance performance. Just because you are not depressed does not mean you can use performance psychology to enhance one or more areas in your life or your sport.


The first one hour session consists of an extensive interview and where appropriate, the use of questionnaires, to assess:

1. What motivates you.
2. Your current level of functioning in your specific areas of your sport/life.
3. The repetitive patterns that you engage in which stop you achieving your goals.
4. The core beliefs or unhelpful beliefs reinforcing unproductive patters.
5. Strategies for changing unproductive patterns and enhancing performance in the areas identified.

Subsequent Consultations
Subsequent consultations are recommended for following up on the recommendations and effectively implementing the plan. You will learn a variety of skills to perform and function at higher levels.

Performance Psychology is not covered by Medicare and cannot be bulk billed. Please inquire at Parkside Medical.

All these sessions are conducted by our psychologist Clinton Laurence who has extensive experience in these areas.