To the only private medical centre focusing on mental wellbeing on the Gold Coast. We provide affordable, timely and comprehensive mental wellbeing services for both adults and children on the Gold Coast with our team of GPs, psychiatrists, psychologists and other health professionals. We coordinate and cover all your mental health needs and ultimately your happiness.

Free Membership

All new clients receive a free Membership to Parkside Medical to the value of $99.  Once our membership base is full we will have to wait list clients. This allows all clients to receive:

  1. Bulk billed Medicare Services.  You do not pay the gap.
  2. Priority treatment and reduced reception waiting times.
  3. Free access to online support groups, newsletters and other mental health resources.
  4. Discounts (in some cases free) to events, workshops and seminars.
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How distressed are you?



About Us

Medicare Rebates Apply.

All our practitioners are registered under Medicare and therefore you are entitle to Medicare rebates with a valid Medicare Card.

Our Priority is Your Mental Wellbeing.

We believe that mental wellbeing, being happier, is the basis of all health and is our primary focus.

A Holistic Approach to Mental Wellbeing.

With all your health professionals in the one place to coordinate and integrate your health.

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Our Services

GP Assessments and Treatment

This is often the first step in seeking to improve your mental wellbeing 

Psychological Counselling

Provides confidential face to face counselling in a supportive atmosphere with one of our highly qualified psychologists. 

Specialist Psychiatric Consultations

Provide expert help on more difficult conditions and if necessary, ensure you have the right medications and dosages. 

 Office Hours:

Mon - Fri: 8.30am - 6pm

Sat - Sun: By Special Appointment