canstockphoto17352553Our psychologists  focus heavily on the client’s interpersonal and psychological goals, to enable them to overcome their own problems by becoming more aware of their own thoughts, feelings and behaviours and the negative patterns that they are caught up in. We try not to give advice, but facilitate strengths in the client to understand and overcome his or her own issues. This is particularly empowering when a person feels that they have healed themselves. The therapy is very much controlled by the client and what they want to get out of the session.

Our psychologists believe in brief therapy from six to ten sessions in length depending on the problems.  They have a minimum of 6 years of university specialist education (including 2 years of practical training) and consequently have both an extensive range of appropriate therapies and an in-depth knowledge of specific treatments. We tailor therapy to individuals and have a wide range of information, readings, techniques and skills that can be utilised. Clearly, different things work for different people.

With the help of our GPs and psychiatrists we believe that medication definitely has a part to play in the 21st century to help to kick start change, prevent relapse and manage the more difficult mental conditions such as biploar disorders and schizophrenia. We are keen to liaise with our GPs and psychiatrists to provide clients with a holistic approach and understand the importance of medication for some individuals.