medical doctor and okThe first step  is to make an appointment to visit one of our GPs at Parkside Medical on the Gold Coast in Ashmore. During the minimum 40 minute appointment your mental wellbeing and functioning will be assessed by the GP. A Medicare Mental Health Care Plan or Enhanced Primary Care Plan will be developed and a referral made to other members of our team such as psychologist and psychiatrist. If you are not sure where to start or who to see first, then this is your first step in making sense of what you are thinking and feeling, and how to get more out of life.

This is the traditional or typical way of receiving help and how our medical system has been developed with rebates under Medicare.  It has a lot of advantages over other helping methods. Importantly, you get to meet and know your GP and psychologist and in turn they get to know you.  If you have attended a medical centre before you are familiar with this process.

If you already have a GP Mental Health Care Plan, Enhanced Primary Care Plan (or other referral)  or preferred to pay privately you can choose to see one of our psychologists or other health experts directly.  You do not need to see the GP first. Please let our receptionist know this when you ring.  All appointments with our psychologists are a minimum of 50 minutes.