Sometimes we just need a little kick-start and pointing in the right direction to take the necessary action ourselves.  Sometimes this might be in conjunction with face to face help but it doesn’t have to be. We at Parkside Medical strongly encourage this approach. We want clients to learn the principles of self-help and to take over the process themselves.  We want you to become more aware, independent and self-reliant.

This is a free resource for all people to access the best self-help resources on the Gold Coast and the internet.

If you find a great resource that you would like to share with other people simply drop us an email in the Contacts section with information about this resource, why you like it, and we will gladly publish it for you on our website.

Instant Heart Rate by Azumio is a useful app to experiment with how changes in thinking, breathing and tension might affect heart rate. It appears to be reasonably accurate and is certainly convenient. Read More.

Belly Biofeedback is a useful app to work on diaphragmatic breathing. Read More.

The Mindful Way Through Depression provides reading and auditory exercises to help to work on your depression. Read More.

Inner Balance by HeartMath uses both an app and an external ear lobe connection to practice bringing on a greater sense of calmness. Read More.